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We create high performing sports and fitness leisure clubs with world class amenities, services, academies at an economically viable commercial packages that provide long term sustainability to our customers, our developers and the community at large.





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It’s been a while that I have the membership of the club. My son is pretty happy with the quality of equipment and direction in utilising facilities for exercising. Coaches are very kind in providing detailed information on exercise needs. Feeling completely

Snehal Kale

Member of Ileseum Clubs, Pune

There is sense of community between everyone to get fit. The collective balance between knowledge and experience of trainers makes goals easy to achieve.

Tarush Vaishnav

Member of Ileseum Clubs, Pune

It’s been a thrilling experience at the gym and I had a lot of improvement in my physique, made lots of friends here, hope to continue more years of great experience!

Mohit Sawant

Member of Ileseum Clubs, Pune

Empowering everyday athletes and creating stronger, fitter, and healthier communities around the globe.

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